Trash Removal Service

Are you looking for a Trash Removal Service?

At Trash King, we have been providing trash disposal services since 2005. Want to know what’s even more exciting? Our partners Fleetwood Waste Systems, have been providing a trash removal service since 1973. Combined, that 59 years of garbage, waste and trash hauling experience.

If your business is looking for a commercial trash removal service, then we have you covered. Our inventory of trash bins are perfect for anything that your retail store, restaurant or commercial building might produce. We trash garbage for businesses anywhere in Metro Vancouver including North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Surrey, BC.

If you are a homeowner looking for residential trash services, then we can find you a solution.

Simply call 604-433-5865 and ask to speak to one of our trash disposal specialists. We have the trash removal experience to deliver a level of service that will simply outperform other trash companies both in execution simplicity and budget friendliness.

If you are a corporation looking for an industrial trash removal service, then we can help. Our trucks and drivers are licensed, insured and we carry the necessary liability coverage to enter your facility, projects and meet your corporate vendor requirements.

Did you know that we have a same day trash removal service guarantee?

That’s right, our team of expert trash removers can bring you a trash bin if you call before 10am on that same day. So, if you require emergency trash removal services, our trucks and team are ready to dispatch and get your garbage disposed of efficiently. Call 604-433-5865 for more information today.

Garbage Bin Rentals for Small Business

Trash King has a large variety of trash bins to choose from to fit your needs. Trash King offers both bins and dumpsters for rent, and their bins come n many different sizes to make it easier for you to find the right one for you. Trash King's bins and dumpsters are only made with the highest quality materials to ensure full durability. For more details and full price range go to or call (604) 433-5865.