Professional Toronto Mold Services

If you have noticed mold or algae growing in or around your home, it’s time to do something about it. Once Mold takes root, it develops and spreads quickly creating an unhealthy environment throughout your residential or commercial interior while damaging your building’s framework at the same time. For over 25 years Asbestos Removal Canada has provide exceptional service for both home and business owners. Our clients depend on us for all inspections, accurate DSS reports, and mold extermination that is fast and affordable. The next time you need you property inspect call on our Toronto asbestos removal company. Our Toronto Mold Services is what sets us apart for our competition.

Mold Testing

Toronto Mold Services, Mold Prevention, Aurora Asbestos Removal, Toronto Mold ServicesMold can creep up in several key areas throughout any building. Crucial areas include the roof and attic area, inside of the walls, flooring, window frames, and specific rooms where water and moisture is present such as kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms. Many times the mold goes unnoticed until it begins to penetrate through the drywall or the flooring. It can also be discovered around the building exterior, specifically the shingles or the foundation of the house where rainwater sits. Our inspection service covers 100% of the property both inside and out in order to identify areas where mold or algae are present. We provide a full report of our findings with recommendations on what needs to be done to remove it.


Air Quality Testing for Mold

Indoor air pollution can affect your health and quality of life because you spend a great amount of time indoors. Whether you’re at home, at work, or performing daily activities you come into contact with the effects of unhealthy environments wherever you go. One simple way to detect mold in your property is to hire a Remove Asbestos Canada expert to perform an air quality test. With the right assessment mold and other harmful substances can be traced in the air. Our air quality testing service is simple and affordable and best of all, it’s very accurate. Want to know more? Contact us today and let us show you how an air quality test can help your home or business.


Commercial Mold Services

Toronto Mold Services, Mold Removal, Toronto Asbestos Removal, Commercial Mold Services in TorontoIf you run a business or a large corporation then you know firsthand how important clean air is in your building and why Toronto Mold Services is so important. If the atmosphere in your property is filled with mold contamination then it affects both your employees and clients or customers. If people suspect they’re getting sick when entering your office or showroom, then you can lose business. We provide the same high level inspections for commercial properties as we do for residential properties. If you locate mold in your building, then contact us today and we’ll provide the proper methods for removing it from the property. We provide long term solutions that work for all Toronto businesses.


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