Toronto Asbestos Removal Services

With over 3 decades of direct industry experience, the specialists at Remove Asbestos Canada can remove all asbestos from any type of inhabitable structure in the Toronto area. Our entire team of contractors are highly trained, certified and licensed in all areas of asbestos removal from all properties whether they are businesses or homes. We utilize the most advanced technology in the industry today, and are very knowledgeable about all modern methods and techniques for removing all harmful substances from your building interior. When it comes to asbestos and mold, it’s essential to choose a Toronto Asbestos Removal professional that can create a healthy environment to your property. Next time, go with an asbestos removal company that you can trust!

Asbestos Testing

Toronto Asbestos Services, Toronto Asbestos TestingThe dangers of asbestos in the home or office are well documented. Asbestos has been linked to mesothelioma – which is a form of lung cancer – asbestos, and pleural thickening along the lining of the lungs. It affects homeowners, company staff, and construction workers alike. Once a common building material, it now begin being professionally removed and no longer used in construction . With our Toronto Asbestos Removal Services, we can safely identify and remove the material from your property. We complete thorough testing to ensure all traces of the material are extracted. With Remove Asbestos Canada, you can be assured that the job will be done right every time.


Asbestos Abatement

Toronto Asbestos Services, Asbestos Abatement in TorontoWe have a step by step process for asbestos abatement. This includes a full inspection of your property both inside and outside. We check in all key areas where we suspect that asbestos may be located and/or damaged or deteriorating. We provide a full report including samples of the amount and condition of the asbestos. We submit a proposal of how to remove, lessen, or repair it. Our professionals then go in and make the necessary adjustments to the asbestos. In some cases full removal is appropriate. In other cases you may just need to repair the bad areas.


Asbestos Removal

Toronto Asbestos Services, Hamilton Asbestos Removal, Toronto Asbestos RemovalIf you discover asbestos in your home or office, it’s important to have it removed right away. If you think it may be inside your property then contact us and we can perform a full inspection of your residential or commercial property and provide
you with a full report. Although in some cases asbestos is best left alone, it all depends on it’s condition and deterioration. The older and more damaged it is, the worse it is in your home because it may release fibers into the atmosphere. We
check and remove asbestos from key areas in your building such as roofing and siding, insulation, paint, walls, and even flooring. If it’s there, we’ll find it!


Commercial Asbestos Services

Toronto Asbestos Services, Asbestos Inspection, Asbestos Inspection, King City Asbestos Removal, Commercial Asbestos Services in TorontoIf you are a contractor who is either building, renovating, or providing a demolition service, then it’s important to note that a DSS Report has to be filed in order for you to complete your work. A DSS (Designated Substance Survey) is a report that provides accurate and up to date information on both the levels and condition of the asbestos that is on the property. Without a proper report, your project will be shut by the city inspector. We provide the same high level of asbestos service for businesses as we do for homes. With Asbestos Removal Canada you get full service that involves inspection and full removal of all substances that are harmful to the building.


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