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If you’re not into traditional fabric shades and love straightforward and simple lines then Pirouettes Shutters are just for you. They feature soft fabric horizontal vanes which turn the harsh glare of sunlight into an ambient glow. And you can find a beautiful and extensive range of these Pirouette Shutters Boca Raton at All Kinds of Blinds. With a variety of window options, shades, and shutters we have been providing outstanding window treatments for over 4 decades. It is the quality of our Pirouette Shutters and other window treatments that has made us one of the most reputable and reliable companies in all of Florida. Here is everything you need to know about our finest Pirouette Shutters.

Gives Ultimate Light Control and Privacy:

The soft horizontal canes of pirouette shutters easily tilt and give you complete control over light adjustments. Upon closing the shade, the fabric vanes will come together and transform the light inside into a comforting glow, while also giving you the privacy you need.

Protection from Harmful UV Rays:

There are certain harsh days in the summer when you just want sunlight to go away. You either want to completely block it out, filter it, or at least transform it somehow. And for such days, our pirouette shutters are a perfect choice. It can block 81% of the harmful UV rays even with vanes open. On the other hand, with vanes closed, you can protect yourself and your house 99% and extend the life of your wood floor, artwork, and other home décor.

Custom Designs:

Our Pirouette Shutters are a perfect fit for consumers who seek the best in design. Beautifully curated textures and designs allow you to match the shutters with your entire space. For several years, our team has thoughtfully created numerous designs that have successfully met all the expectations of our clients.

Stylish Fabric and Vibrant Colors:

Apart from the design, the Pirouette Shutters are available in a range of classic yet contemporary fabrics. Along with this, with our extensive color collection, you can easily give your traditional fabric shutters a modern and personalized touch.

Smoothly Float:

The vanes of our Pirouette shutters are attached with a single sheer backing which keeps it floating horizontally in place. And the beauty of these vanes is that they disperse the natural light evenly around the room and gives a clear view with no obstruction cords or tapes.

Value for Money:

The multiple options in the window treatment market can leave you puzzled and confused. But the money you spend on our Pirouette Shutters will be a good investment for you because at All Kinds of Blinds we only believe in delivering the best. Our professionals will even handle the installation and give you timely and professional service to make sure you experience a stress-free installation process.

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