Dimensioning System

Dimensioning systems

Measurement is a vital process in the logistics and freights industry. Unfortunately, many players in the industry do not perform this task as efficiently as they should. They often use archaic methods that should already be forgotten, despite the availability of advanced cubing systems and weighing technologies.

Automated cubing systems do not just make cubing and weighing of freight easier. They also allow for automatic export of real-time data that make it possible to identify and track items that are about to ship. Furthermore, they create a permanent digital record that can be accessed at any time. At Cargo Spectre, we have an automated dimensioning system that takes the dimension and weights of packages within seconds while also capturing the photos of the scan and storing the data. Our dimensioner is useful for shippers, warehouses, carriers, manufacturers, and everyone else in the logistics and freights value chain.

What are the advantages of using our automated dimensioning system?

Accurate shipping costs

Many shipping companies are still in the business of manually weighing or even ‘guessing’ the weight of packages. This process is often rife with errors that end up costing the company a lot of money in the long run. When you have an automated static dimensioning and weighing system, you’ll get an accurate weight of each product and appropriately charge your customers.

Improved cartonizaion

It’s always better to determine box sizes at the packing station to rely on the workers in your warehouse to pick the appropriate box size for each package. A good dimensioning and cubing system would select the best box size and save your company the time, stress, and wastage associated with trying different boxes or just putting anyone that seems to fit. A cartonization function would also tell you if you can fit multiple items in a single carton, and how many you should fit.

Future capacity planning

An automated cubing system will come in handy if you need to restructure your existing place or move to a new location. The system would have accurate cubic measurements of the average and peak inventory. Thus, it can help determine the ideal number of pick and bulk locations for the warehouse.

Paves the way for further automation

If you want to introduce conveyor and other automation to your warehouse, you’ll need to know your design goals depending on your products’ weight and size. An automated cubing system readily provides this information and allows you to proceed with the conveyor system’s final design and engineering.

Quality control

Some freight operations require quality control for outgoing or incoming shipments based on the products’ weight. Automated freight dimensioning systems can signal potential mis-shipments for outgoing packages and save the time your workers spend on visual inspection of incoming parcels.

Contact us for the best automated dimensioning system

Have you been searching for a top-notch automated dimensioning system for your freights business? It would be best if you look no further than Cargo Spectre Dimensioning and Weighing Systems. Our system promises unparalleled effectiveness as well as ease of use, and they guarantee higher revenue and improved processes. Contact Cargo Specter on (832) 463-0606 or visit https://www.cargospectre.com/contact/.

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