4L80 Transmission

The 4L80 is a manual transmission with a maximum engine input torque of 440 lb-ft. The versatility of the transmission allows it to be of use in several applications. The simple original 4L80 transmission can have easy conversion into a heavy-duty device for overdrive transmissions with a 4 x 4 horsepower. The new manual shifting valve body has a high demand from clients who appreciate the elimination of the computer and excess wiring and electronics.

The use of electronic 4L80s in non-trucks and SUVs began in 1991. You are bound to find these 4L80E transmissions in many heavy-duty pieces of machinery, such as the following:

  • Vans
  • Trucks
  • Tilt cab U-haul style trucks

How to acquire a 4L80E

A prospective owner of these transmissions has a couple of different ways they can go about acquiring them. You can replace the transmission by remanufacturing it with the help of the original manufacturers. A replacement gets rid of bad parts and replaces them with pre-built factory parts.

The easiest route is to buy a brand new one or a rebuilt from Gearstar. The purchase of a new one can be extremely high and would not have too many extra benefits different from purchasing a rebuilt tool. The positive implications of a rebuild transmission outweigh the perks of all other options in both monetary means and functionality.

What to expect with a rebuilt 4L80 transmission

  • You will only be replacing the failed parts of the device
  • The replacement will not be as per the factory setting; hence you can expect the services to be less pricey
  • Rebuilding a transmission involves putting in parts such as seals, bands, gaskets, and the clutch. These parts get worn out faster than the rest and will always be a priority to a standard mechanic
  • Gearstar will disassemble the unit and clean the parts before continuing with the rebuilding process
  • The device will have a new torque converter and a solenoid
  • The mechanics will install after completing the construction and ascertaining that it delivers the desired results

Some mechanics advise that they can disassemble a TH400 transmission and rebuild it into a functional and competent 4L80E transmission. Critics warn about this move and prefer that one choose a qualified mechanic after learning of the similarities and differences between both units.

The 4L80E transmission has a twenty-five percent overdrive and is four inches longer than the TH400. It weighs more by 50 pounds because of all the electrical control components. The electrical control aspect makes it different because it requires a controller, whereas the TH400 does not.

This setup means that the driver has the option of adjusting and reprogramming their units to their preferred settings. The following are the options controllable with the 4L80E transmission:

  • Shift points
  • Overdrive
  • Shift pressure
  • Torque convertor

General motor’s 4L80E transmission is a widely recognized option for driving fanatics who like maximizing the power of their car. The high performance has a reverence for power, reliability, and full control capability. Contact a mechanic who can build a transmission that will keep its die-cast aluminum frame and functionality for the long haul.